This message means that Replay Music is unable to connect to the Internet, which it needs to do to be able to tag songs. Either Replay Music is being blocked by your firewall software, or you are using a proxy server.

Try these steps:

  1. If you're running firewall security software, try disabling it temporarily and see if Replay Music still gives you this message. If you no longer get the message, then you'll need to set your security software to give Replay Music full access to the Internet.
  2. If you still have trouble, you may be using a proxy server. To check this, open your Internet Explorer browser, and select Tools, Internet Options from the menu, and then click the Connections tab. Next, click LAN Settings, and check if you have anything entered under Proxy Server. If so, then you'll need to copy the Address and Port of the proxy server into Replay Music's settings. (Open Replay Music, click Settings, and locate the Proxy Address and Port entries.) This works the same way on the majority of browsers.
  3.  If you still have an issue see what happens if you use the latest version of the program has the same issue. Some older versions have this due to changes in streams and in technology.